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Riot prolonged time period, complete control of prison. Disturbance- limited to no control over prison population, few people involved. Incident- isolated, even fewer inmates, no control over prison population. (which create disturbances) Administrative response send ringleaders to special handling unit (inmates are sent to. Shu) (highest security level) (either for their own protection or from others) Time of confederation 1867 divisive powers provincial and federal. Developed penitentiary system (2+years: long term criminals, violent offenders, cascading from max to min (good behaviour can make them go to max facility, these days you"re seeing women classified as ) Riots typically occur more than in provincial facilities. Prisoners took over entire prison area even though they weren"t large in number. Sections are cordoned off riots typically contained, but they were able to manage to get access. Kingston prisoners however controlled several areas: central block, dome, cell blocks.