SOC101 Final: SOC 101 SPRING 2018 - Katie Cook

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Sociology: the systematic study of social behaviour of individuals and the behaviour of groups and organizations. Sociological perspective: a view of society based on the dynamic relationships between individuals and the larger social network in which we all live. Understanding human and group behaviour by focusing on two aspects: 1) people live in social groups and social organizations or social structure . (2) phenomenon of culture . Different: personalities, biologies, self-concepts but same behaviour in the social structure. Behave differently at different places because of different norms, rules and cultures. Suggested that people who do not, or cannot, recognize the social origins and character of their problems may be unable to respond to them. Failing to appreciate how individual"s challenges are influenced by larger social forces diminishes a person"s ability to understand and resolve them. Individual and the social are linked and must understand both. Personal troubles: individual challenges, that require individual solutions.