LS101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Embezzlement, Motor Vehicle Theft

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Consensus perspective: describes society as a functionally integrated, relatively stable system held together by a basic consensus of values. Stresses cohesion, solidarity, co-operation, shared culture, and agreement on fundamental norms and values. Law is an instrument of social change and harmony. Conflict perspective: understands society as riddled with conflict and held together by coercion. Order is temporary and unstable because every individual and group strives t o maximize its own interests in a world of limited resources. Legislators: those occupying the provincial or federal legislatures. Lobbyists: organizations, groups, or individuals that attempt to influence pol itical decisions that affect their members or their goals, also known as interest groups. Lobbying: attempting to influence a public office holder, or any oral or written communication made to a public office holder. Consultant lobbyists: persons hired to communicate on behalf of a client with a public office holder, or to set up meetings between the client and public office holders.