LS101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Commoditization, Middle Ages, Bachelor Of Laws

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Three functions of lawyers: in the middle ages, three functions of lawyers emerged : agent, advocate, and jurisconsult. Attorney: originally meant an agent, a person who acts or appears on behalf of someone else . Professionalization: implies the transformation of some nonprofessional occupation into a vocation with the attributes of a profession. Fives stages of professionalization: became full-time occupations, training schools established, university affiliation of training schools, local professional associations started, national professional associations evolved, state licensing laws, formal codes of ethics es tablished. Market control: the successful assertion of unchallenged authority over some area of knowledge and its professional instrumentation. Contingency fee: an arrangement whereby a lawyer receives a percentage of any damages collected. Advertising: historically, bar associati ons have strongly opposed advertising by lawyers. But recently, this stigma has diminished and advertising has increased despite concern about the motivation and public image of lawyers.