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Hades realm: homer"s view (odyssey, book 11, location: on the other side of ocean, in the far north? or west? (cf. And she [the ship] made the outer limits, the ocean river"s bounds/where the cimmerian people have their homes their realm and city shrouded in mist and cloud. The eye of the sun can never flash his rays through the dark and bring them light an endless, deadly night overhangs those wretched men. Odesseus wants to go home and tells cercei. Tells him how to go across ocean. Mostly when you went to the realm of the dead you would go west. Talks about the how he goes to the cimmerians - which is assoc with hte north. One rule there is," the famous seer explained, and simple for me to say and you to learn. Any one of the ghosts you let approach the blood will speak the truth to you.

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