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Homer: writing around 750 bc, last author of the dark ages. Bronze age greece (2000 - 1100 bc): Minoan civilization (on crete - knossos is centre of civ) is not a greek civilization - did not speak greek and had written records (mainly economic records) that cannot be interpreted since not in. Mycenaean culture died out -- but stories were told orally over the centuries. Why did it collapse? around 1200 bc -- widespread disruption of civilizations and mycenaean civilization deteriorated. Dark ages (1100 - 800 bc): iron technology came to greece. Myths are transmitted orally no one knows much about what happened - no writings. 800 bc - greek alphabet different from linear b took the phoenician script from the east and made the greek alphabet from it. Homer and hesiod (first writers of myths) 520 - 445 bc - lyric poets only survived in fragments.

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