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Globalization refers to the interconnectedness of national economies and the growing interdependence of buyers, producers, suppliers, and governments around the world. Globalization of markets: convergence in buyer preferences in markets around the world. Globalization of production: dispersal of production activities worldwide to minimize costs or maximize quality. Accenture"s 2007 report the rise of the multi-polar world identified 3 mutually reinforcing trends that are driving the diffusion of economic power and activity from the triad economies - the united states, europe and. Japan - to those of the developing world: The increasing power of information and communications technology. The increasing size and geographical reach of the multinational enterprise. Globalization and technological advances have altered the international business landscape more than any other trends. Globalization allows firms to view the world as one large marketplace for goods, services, capital, labor and knowledge. Key term here: integration, distance doesn"t matter, we are now interrelated and interconnected.

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