B LAW402 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Writing Implement

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It is worth 20% of your final mark. There is only one question with multiple parts. Your answer to one part should not necessarily dictate your answer to another. You are to answer in the examination booklet. You may use any form of answer you choose, i. e. essay style, point form etc. You may use any writing implement of your choice. The important thing in answering the questions is that you provide me with as much as you can in the way of the legal principles that apply to the cases. The right answer is not the important thing. The legal arguments to support your answer are what i give marks for. Cynthia and patty were tenants in small house near the university. The landlord they have always dealt with is called brian, who says he represents the owners. They originally had a written lease agreement, but the agreement expired in may, 2013.