RELS 2610 Study Guide - Final Guide: World Health Organization, Intentionality, Funeral Director

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Explored both our animal and human nature and have considered how we actually know, deliberation and decide. Considered how we develop morally & the obstacles to that development. Self we appropriate is very social and cultural. We only become the unique person we are through mediation of these shared realities. The good that moral deliberation seeks is profoundly embedded social and cultural contexts. The situations that we deliberate on, even highly personal decisions, involve it. What we decide to do will have its affects on those self-same social and cultural contexts. Need to consider the full social and cultural context of the good, which we aim to do: can then connect our decision-making and development within these larger context in which they are inevitably embedded. We come to know how we know by examining the process by which we take in data and process it.