RELS 2610 Study Guide - Final Guide: Helen Keller

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Documentary called a murder of crows : shows how smart crows are, very adept at figuring out what is necessary for them to survive and thrive in human environments. Humans are also like crows because we can also figure out how to survive and thrive as individuals and as communities. It is this commonality between how other animals know and relate to each other that de. Waal, an author points to when he argues that the patterns of primates and humans have much in common. In his view, humans would be best served if they were to closely mimic the way early human communities operated. Animals know things and other animals and they relate to and act in their environment in terms of this knowledge. Like other primates we can identify and express aggression and empathy: there is the spontaneous relationship between mother and infant, this operates in the child even before the child knows who their mother is.

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