RELS 2610 Final: Unit 1 Complete Lecture Notes

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Ethics is about the good: how we figure out what the good is, how we are to live in terms of it. Our morality is the result of actions that occur as a matter of course in our everyday acts of figuring out what we are to do (the ends) and how we are to do it (the means) Morality is about what we actually do, individually and together. Ethics is the study of what we ought to do and actually do and the difference between them. We often figure out what is good and what the best way to live is when we are faced with challenges where it is not clear what we should do. Moral decisions can be as simple as deciding what to buy at the grocery store. We are always faced with choices and decisions: you are always trying to figure out what is the right thing to do, helps us think about the consequences.

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