BUSI 4320 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Canada, Human Resources, Human Resource Management

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Chapter one: strategic importance of human resource management. Learning objectives: discuss the objectives of human resource management. Identify steps in strategic management of human resources: explain how human resource departments are organized and function, discuss the role of human resource professionals in today"s organization. The leadership and management of people within an organization using systems, methods, processes, and procedures that enable employees to optimize their contribution to the organization and its goals. Supports and enables organizations to meet short and long-term economic, social and environmental goals. Linked to the strategic needs of an organization: corporate, business and functional levels. Hr strategies and tactics must be mutually consistent. Hr strategies need to be consistent with organizational priorities. Proactive: decision-makers anticipate problems and challenges and take action before a problem exists. Reactive: decision-makers respond to problems rather than anticipate them. Mission statement: statement outlining the purpose, long-term objectives, and activities the organization will pursue and the course for the future.

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