ANAT 365 Study Guide - Peroxidase, Cell Membrane, Transmembrane Protein

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A selective activity-dependent requirement for dynamin 1 in synaptic vesicle. Its only required for endocytosis that is selective activity-dependent. What is already known- that dynamin is required for endocytosis, this paper does not really show it. There is an activity dependent endocytosis, is a better answer. What did the paper do? it made a dynamin 1 knockout mice for the first time, There was alot of model system to disrupt the dynamin, and this blocks endocytosis. This is not the first paper to show that it blocks endocytosis. This is the first time they did a knock out mice for dynamin (close to human)dynamin. Three genes make dynaminthere was originally one ancesterol dynamin, and then with evolution formed this. Dynamin 1 was expressed only in the nervous system. Dynamin 2 is expressed ubiquitously almost every tissue. Dynamin 3 - mostly in the brain, also in the testis and other tissues.

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