ANAT 261- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 27 pages long!)

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Dynamic histology: medical histology: identifying cells & tissues, macroscopic level (eyes, dynamic histology: identify not only tissues, but also examine functions of cells that make up that tissue, microscopic level. Compact bone: bone marrow in the top right, little dots are nuclei of osteocytes: larger white dots are immature aversion systems, 2. Muscle: how nuclei line up tells you whether it is striated/smooth muscle. Light microscopy: perfusion: pump fixative into the bloodstream of the living animal so freeze tissue from inside out, get great resolution, best morphology. Electron microscopy (preferable perfusion: glutaraldehyde fixative (2. 5-5%, very fast, fine resolution, high magnification, concentrations are optimized --higher doesn"t fix faster, also expensive. Staining: most common stain used in histology: h&e, hematoxylin: basic dye, blue-purple, stains basophilic (basic-loving) structures, cell nucleus, other acidic structures, eosin: acidic dye, bright pink, stains eosinophilic structures, cytoplasm, collagen. Electron path: grid on which place sample on for em.