CHEM 203 Study Guide - Filter Paper, Alkene, Chemical Shift

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Experiment 5 (part 1): aldol: objective: 1 mark. The objective of this lab is to produce a product through an aldol condensation reaction between a substituted benzaldehyde and a substituted acetophenone and then identify the product. Use the melting point analysis, ir, nmr and mass spectroscopy to identify the product that was formed: introduction: 1 marks. Brief description of the concept/reaction studied aldol reaction. The aldol condensation reaction is another useful way to make a carbon- carbon bond. This reaction is generally used in organic chemistry to create bigger molecules as it involves two aldehydes or ketones reacting in the presence of a dilute base (mchale, 2007). In the case where two aldehydes are used, a molecule with both an aldehyde and alcohol functional groups and this is where this reaction gets its name: reaction equation: 1 marks. Include proper structures and data for reactants and products [molar mass, concentration, density, volume, mass, moles, etc including theoretical yield]

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