MANA 374 Study Guide - Final Guide: Pigovian Tax, Ecotax, Kyoto Protocol

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31 Aug 2016

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World business council for sustainable development (wbcsd) has made business proactive and intervened on both social and environmental issues. Businesses working with others to further reduce their footprint on physical environment or local communities. Partnerships with non-governmental organizations (ngos) and multi-lateral agencies like who or united nationals environment programme (unep) One of the biggest problems companies face is that the investment community remains ill equipped to judge the significance of the measures such businesses have introduced. Environmental and social responsibility usually remains impenetrable alien territory. Believe that tens of millions of dollars saved through eco-efficiency programmes or better designed and safer products, may simply not make a difference in the kind of balance sheets the analysts are reviewing. Many potential benefits would be a great deal more substantial if governments showed consistent resolution in their use of the price signal or other fiscal interventions.

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