COMM 315 Study Guide - Final Guide: Employment Contract, Severance Package, Aleatoricism

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Articles of the civil code to focus: all articles listed on pages 232 and 233. Contractual matters, both parties have to honor the contract and liable if not. Principal/mandatory liable for agent"s fault & have to fix it, but still have recourses against them. Contract of employment is an agreement to do work against remuneration under order of employee for a limited period. Contract of employment can be for a fix or non-fix term. Employer bound to condition on contract (salary/term) and safety/dignity of employer. Employee: respect confidential info obtain during work obligation continue after term of contract: reasonable term after cessation and permanently if concerns reputation and private life of another person. Employment non competing clause limitation (time, place, type) burden proof on employer. Contract of employment tacitly renewed for indeterminate term is employee continue to carry 5 day after expiration of term without objection of employer.