COMM 315 Final: COMM_315_Final_Notes

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K = contract, 1/3 = third party. Power of attorney = written document evidencing your right to act on behalf of another. [2132] acceptance of mandate can be either expressed or tacit1i. e. the agent must accept the mandate. Gratuitous = without compensation (between two natural persons) Onerous = for money (between professional and natural person) This is not public order, you can reverse it. Onerous: if no price mentioned, assume whatever the usual rate is (e. g. if you ask the prof for legal advice, he could send you a bill even if he didn"t tell you he was charging you) Gratuitous: if between two persons then free. General e. g. = job offer overseas, mandate mom to do everything while i"m gone. [2136] implied activities ( incidental ) are included in mandate e. g. to sell house, implied that need notary, put money in bank, etc. , but it doesn"t mean to sell my car, too.