COMM 315 Midterm: COMM 315 Midterm 1

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Law: if it"s not written it"s not law. Ethics: norms cultural values if behaviour results in the greater good then it"s ethical. Class exercise: trying to define legal versus ethical (class asked to provide examples of where legal/illegal/ethical/unethical meets): Drug dealing (~half of class didn"t think it was bad, re/ marijuana) Murder (another debate re/ mercy illegal, but many exceptions as to when it may be performed) killings, e. g. robert latimer) Capital punishment (again, ~half the class was pro death penalty, the other half anti-death penalty) Ethical norms create codification in the form of laws: i. e. laws grow out of ethics, norms develop over time. Law is the written codification1 of ethical norm2. Collects blood from african donors (pays 15 cents per pint) Ships to catastrophes when needed (sells for /pint) Debated ethics of company: paying members of impoverished nation minimal amount for product, debate of appropriate price for product when company has monopoly on product in catastrophic scenario.

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