COMM 315 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Small Claims Court, Narcotic Control Act, Canadian Business

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Set of rules and guidelines by which a society has come to accept as a way of living and conducting itself. The governing body of a society then applies and enforces those rules and guidelines. Specialization + increase in population led to establishment of basic rules. 1. 2. 2 the role of law in society today ensures security using punishment for the wrongdoers and compensation for the wronged establishes and enforces standards of conduct. Maintains status quo allows amendments by the legislators enables people to exercise their rights determined by the ideas and objectives of the legislators use our rights as freely as possible without interfering with other"s rights. 1. 2. 3 who decides? communities through custom and usage one person backed by the people people who control the enforcing power in democracy people elect the legislators. To enforce standards of conducts and for building a certain type of society the majority will occasionally impose their standards of behavior to the minority.