BUSI 2701 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Economist Intelligence Unit, Corruption Perceptions Index, Social Market Economy

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The following is a report of market research for canadian companies that can be established in austria. The report examines how the market is suitable for austria in terms of business prospects. Austria is a federal republic with one of the most established social market economies(appendix a). It has a higher standard of living with sustainable economic growth, low poverty and crime rates. Austria has one of the best manufacturing and service industries in the world which consists of banking, trade, mining, industrial material & goods, energy products, agricultural products, automotive, fishing products, forestry products, transportation and other consumer goods and services. On a global scale, austria has more small & medium sized industries with a robust labor association. One of the most important factors regarding austrian trade union federation is that they have effective policies towards the wages of labor and their collaboration with various industries, government helps them work effectively on societal and economic problems.

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