BISC 102 Study Guide - Cengage Learning, Capital Market, International General Certificate Of Secondary Education

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30 Jan 2014

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1. 2 understand the nature and scope of business and its role in society develop an understanding of the: Decision making process in business through a problem solving approach. The emphasis should be on the application of concepts and issues to the local context. The assessment objectives provide a general indication of the skills that the scheme of assessment is designed to test. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the specified content. Apply this knowledge and understanding to problems and issues in different situations. 1 assess information from a variety of sources. 3 evaluate the reliability of materials check consistency in conclusions and provide alternative explanations. The relationship between the skills and the scheme of assessment is shown in the following specification grid: 4 to 6 questions based on 1 group of data. The syllabus content is organised into six main sections as follows: