1.) f[g(x)]
Part 2. Fractions take input, operate on the input, and generate an output. Sometimes the Input can bea nother function. The output represents the composition of functions. Try it!
        f(x)=2 x+3              h[x] = x-2            f (x) =  
a) f[h()]
b) f[h(x)]
c) h[j()]
d.) h[j(x)]
Phew all of these parenthesis are getting tiring to write. When problems like (f) are read aloud it would sound like "h of j of x ". Mathematicians saw this double "of" and replaced with this symbol * . When you see it think "of". A problem like h[j(x)] could also be written as h = j and would be read "h of j". Try it!
g)   h[(7)]
h.)   h [f()]
i.)    h[f(x)] = h f
j.)    f h
k.)   f
l.)    h h
m.)  f f
n.)   j[h(2)]

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