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Project Management5History866Law289Management201English402Philosophy65Anthropology33Astronomy116Business1Marketing236Science514Sociology211Geography286Psychology1Communications67Ethics56Information Technology1404Accounting1Biology404Mathematics4Physics15Finance17Economics704Chemistry2
Answer: b) speculative demand
Answer: E) cannot be calculated without more information
Answer: D.marginal cost is greater than average total cost.
Answer: An inverted yield graph illustrates that long-term interest rates are ...
Answer: E. economic loss to firms and entry of firms into the industry.
Answer: E. decrease its output
Answer: A change in quantity demanded refers to a movement along a fixed deman...
Answer: E) 6/5
Answer: a.the change in the value of y divided by the change in the value of x.
Answer: B) diminishing marginal product.
Answer: b. all other inputs remain constant.
Answer: The law of supply is the microeconomic law that states that, all other...
Answer: A) 15%, and total expenditure will rise
Answer: Interest on reserves remains the primary tool for influencing the fede...
Answer: c. if the total revenue from sales of A falls, we know the demand for ...
Answer: l A) increase.
Answer: Joint ventures and syndicates are similar because they involve collabo...
Answer: A) remains unchanged.
Answer: a. are essential representations of the real world
Answer: E) can produce more of that good than anyone else, using the same quan...
Answer: Constant money growth rule: Friedman, who died in 2006, proposed a fix...
Answer: B. Less output at each given price of the product.
Answer: d. increase the size of the national debt.
Answer: B. The water used to grow California cotton is highly subsidized by th...
Answer: E) perfectly inelastic.
Answer: (b) Corrective tax.
Answer: A) people have unlimited wants in the face of limited resources
Answer: C) at a corner on the budget line, with only one good consumed.
Answer: B) The vertical gap between curves B and C is equal to average variabl...
Answer: A) (3, 1)
Answer: Demand shifts down by the amount of the tax.
Answer: a. increase consumer surplus in the market for coffee and decrease pro...
Answer: B) False
Answer: a. Underestimates unemployment because of discouraged workers.
Answer: true
Answer: B) "what"
Answer: b increase consumer surplus in the market for raisin bran and increase...
Answer: A) the human resources that organizes labour, land and capital.
Answer: D) $35.
Answer: C) 50 goods sold at $10 and 50 goods sold at $20.

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