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Management2English5Astronomy18Business1Science1Electrical Engineering1Sociology2Geography2Algebra16Geometry1Computer Science28Calculus17Mathematics2
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:Given , JKH will form a triangle. Now, in tri...
Answer: Venus
Answer: Mars
Answer: Mars
Answer: Uranus
Answer: Alan Shepard
Answer: Jupiter
Answer: Mars
Answer: Apollo 14
Answer: Mercury
Answer: Plench
Answer: The Collider
Answer: Nicolaus Copernicus
Answer: Jupiter
Answer: Mercury
Answer: Galileo Galilie
Answer: Venus
Answer: Mars and Jupiter
Answer: ∂z/∂s = 2132.7043200474 ∂z/∂t = −7845.485240812Step-by-step explanatio...
Answer: 2Step-by-step explanation: y = 2x+24 Differentiating both sides with r...
Answer: Yes
Answer: Step-by-step explanation: In Java, there are different types of variab...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:class FactorialExample{ public static void ma...
Answer: A) y = 1.16(1.73)^xStep-by-step explanation:By the graph we know that ...
Answer: Discrete
Answer: Border Collie
Answer: -1/2Step-by-step explanation:xy² + 2x² -5y² +32 = 0 Differentiating bo...
Answer: k = 0.0025Step-by-step explanation: Taking natural log both sides, ln(...
Answer: y' = x²/4 + 3x²ln(4x)y" = x/2 + 6xln(4x) +3x/4 Step-by-step explanatio...
Answer: B). -1/4cos2x -1/16 cos8x + CStep-by-step explanation:We know that, 2s...
Answer: C option
Answer: C
Answer: No
Answer: f(x) = 2.834*x + 271.745
Answer: y' = y/(x+y) Step-by-step explanation:ln(y*lny) = lnx y*lny = x .....(...
Answer: B option
Answer: 1/3Step-by-step explanation:f⁻¹(25) = -4 f(-4) = 25 k{7-(-4)-(-4)³}= 2...
Answer: For m= 1 , 1/2 For m= 2 , 1/5Step-by-step explanation:Let A = x⁴/(x⁴+y...
Answer: (1) y' = -3sinx*cos²x (2) y' = 6x(x²+1)²(x²+2)⁵(3x²+4) (3) y' = 4{x+(x...
Answer: Common Internet File System

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