1. What behavioural expectations would you set for Bradley to improve his interactions with other children and educators? List three expectations/goals.

    Bradley is a three-year-old boy who attends your service two days a week. He has been in the pre-school room for the last three months and during that time his behaviour has become increasingly challenging. Bradley is openly defiant to all but one of the educators. He refuses to follow directions, join in on group time, or participate in planned activities. When asked to join a group, he screams ‘No’, and, if pressed, will swear and throw objects at the educators. He wanders aimlessly around the room, sabotaging the other children’s work, knocking over their block constructions, or scribbling on their drawings. He lashes out physically towards the other children for no apparent reason, and they are now so scared of him that they avoid him whenever possible. When the educators have tried to discuss Bradley’s increasingly disturbing behaviour with his family they have appeared disinterested and make flippant remarks like ‘kids will be kids’ or ‘that’s boys for you’.

    Yesterday Bradley attempted to run away from the service by sneaking out to the outdoor play area and trying to scale the fence. When an educator tried to get him down from the fence, he kicked her in the face, causing her nose to bleed.



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