HUM100 Study Guide - John Jacob Loeb, Ruby Slippers, Redd Evans

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I chose two cultural works from the smithsonian museum from the art and culture collection. The first one is dorothy"s ruby slippers (http://n2t. net/ark:/65665/ng49ca746a4-d41e-704b- e053-15f76fa0b4fa) i chose these because as a little girl my favorite movie was the wizard of. I even dressed as dorothy for halloween two years in a row and my mama still to this day has my costume and the red glittery slippers in her closet. The wizard of oz was produced in: this film was a notable change for filmmaking because this movie was famous for technicolor which switches scenes in the film from color to black and white throughout the entire film. During the 1940s hundreds of those sorts of films were made. Technology has come a long way since then and has changed the film industry from the ways movies are made to the way they are edited and even the ways the audience views them.

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