Syllabus for MATH-M 118 Erica Isaacson

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19 Jan 2022
Erica Isaacson
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MATH-M 118 Full Course Notes
MATH-M 118 Full Course Notes
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I hope this document will be helpful to you, but please feel free to contact me at [email protected] edu if you cannot find the answer to your question, or if anything you read is unclear or confusing! I would also like to know your ideas for how to make this document as useable as possible. Basic course facts like the grade breakdown and exam dates are not in this document: they are in the course information sheet, also on canvas. The answers to these questions start on the next page: webwork. Why are the webwork problems different than the problems we learned in class: the textbook. Can i use the 5th edition instead of the 6th: exams. It is due on tuesdays and thursdays at 1:00pm, beginning the second week of classes, including exam weeks. The link to the webwork page is in your m118.

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