Syllabus for MATH 11A Pedro Morales

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19 Jan 2022
Pedro Morales
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Pedro morales-almazan (http://pedromoralesalmazan. com) mwf 8-9:05 humanities lecture hall (http://maps. ucsc. edu/content/humanities-lecture-hall-room-206) Calculus is the theory of things that change, and so is essential for understanding a changing world. Students are expected to use calculus to compute optimal strategies in a variety of settings, as well as to apply derivatives to understand changing quantities in physics, economics and biology. We will use piazza for questions regarding hw, exams, lectures, etc. This tool is great for collaboration and to write math. It is difficult to type math in an email or in canvas, so use piazza for all content related questions! canvas (https://canvas. ucsc. edu/) Messages and announcements will be done using canvas. When you need to contact your instructor or ta, please use canvas as email messages will not be replied. This is to make communication more efficient, so we can correctly identify your section and other important information. (https://www. google. com/maps/place/mchenry+library/@36. 9957314,-122. 0590032,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xe94123003629bcf3? email (mailto: "pmorale5@ucsc. edu" ) sa=x&ved=2ahukewis5vsjstndahwcgtqihzdgdxeq_biwc3oecakqcw) office hours.

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