BIO205H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Insular Biogeography, Urban Sprawl, Genetic Drift

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5 Feb 2015

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Jaguars live in that area, and we have very little information for them in this specific area: the population size is uncertain, but most likely small. We don"t know the genetic traits in this small population (genetic drift). A small population is an issue because there is an increased rate of interbreeding which reduces biodiversity. This means this population is more likely to go extinct: options to protect jaguars: protected areas (no human impact or limited human impact on this area. The bigger the area the better, and if there are corridors between these areas it would be best for allowing the jaguars to move between areas to interbreed. We want high biodiversity so that one bad event won"t wipe out the total population). Elimination of barriers (fences, roads and urban sprawl). Island biogeography includes the size and distance of an island from the shore.