BIO205H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Thermoregulation, Equilibrium Point, Mechanical Equilibrium

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5 Feb 2015

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Thermoregulation: several species interact in many ways, and if we want more realistic population growth models, we need to include competition. The lotka-volterra models predict outcomes for different levels of competition and k. Competition coefficient alpha: quantifies the per capita effect of species 2 on species 1. Competition coefficient beta: quantifies the per capita effect of species 1 on species 2: zero-growth isoclines show where population growth stops based on competition. This graph shows a dynamic relationship between two species. Bio205: we can draw isoclines for both populations than put them on the same graph, k1 - The carrying capacity for species 1; where the line intersects the x-axis: graph a. In the green area, carrying capacity. it"s below its species 1 declines, since it has gone over its carrying capacity. On the line, species 1 isn"t growing at all since it represents the 0-growth isoclines.